FO Friday

My first Renfrew top. Am definitely making more. Next I want to make a Renfrew with a cowl neck in the left over turquoise jersey from the Eva dress – if there is enough fabric.

This fabric was purchased with a dolman top in mind. I cut the fabric and basted the shoulder seams to fiddle with the neckline. But it just did not look good. The fabric was not drapey enough and just had to wait for my Sewaholic Patterns to arrive. It was put together rather quickly. Since the fabric had already been cut for a dolman top there really weren’t room for sleeves. It’s not a perfect fit but for a first top it’s ok and I have worn it to work under a cardigan. I am still a bit worried that a seam will break or something when I put on a garment I’ve sewn. But it’s getting better.

Pattern: Renfrew by Sewaholic (link to pattern)

Fabric: wavy stripes printed cotton jersey from Stoff och stil

Thread: polyester from Stoff och stil


Size: 8 graded down to a 6 at the hips

Modifications: skipped sleeves and simply pressed on some stay tape, folded and stitched with a twin needle.

Notes: In hindsight, I clearly did not check the measurements properly before tracing the pattern. Sure my waist is a bit wider than size 6 but there is 10 cm of ease at the waist. In a garment in knit fabric I never wear clothes with that amount of ease. So for the next one I’ll do a size 6 at the waist. I’ll measure the pattern to make sure it’s not too small. It’s a lovely pattern with great instructions – just make sure you read in the right place.


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