Sparkly princess shawl

I joined the Princess and the pea mystery shawl KAL with start in February. With enough yardage I decided to cast on for the large (there were 4 sizes). For the first two weeks I had almost finished the clues on time. But as March drew closer I had to continue on the gifts for Mini so it went on hiatus for about a month. It still took two months to finish knitting the last two clues. I came close to ripping it out and making a smaller size. But I’m glad I didn’t – it’s perfect.


Pattern: Princess and the pea by Lily Go (Ravelry)
Yarn: Twinkle 4 ply from in Frozen lake colourway
Needles: 3.5 mm Addi click lace
Size: Large
Start: February 7 2013
Finish: June 2013


Note: For some reason I thought it would be a crescent-shaped shawl, like she did for last years MKAL, and weren’t too pleased when I discovered it was not. But it is a really nice shape. Doing the large just means you repeat the same pattern, so it was a bit boring to knit. The pattern includes very nice photo tutorials.

I have yarn from easyknits that’s been sittin’ in the stash for over a year – very soft but don’t have a clue as what to make with it. So this was the first time knitting with one of his yarns. Quite nice experience and this particular series (twinkle) has a superb look to it – it sparkles! Sorry for not catching it in the photos. The yarn bleed out a lot of colour while soaking it – will do a vinegar rinse when I have the time. I should also reblock the thing, because I did not have the time to pin it but just laid it out on a towel pulling on each point.



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