First item in knit fabric

I’ve been wanting to sew for a while now. Apart from it being nice to make stuff I think the idea that I will be able to make more FOs by sewing compared to knitting is stuck in my mind. We’ll see how that turns out.

Anyway, I bought a course on Craftsy about sewing with knits but what really did it was when I found the Eva dress pattern. To boot it’s free. So I ordered some fabric and some essentials like stretch needles online. Every thing but the fabric arrived on Friday two weeks ago. So I managed to convince DH that Mini needs a new cap more suitable for spring.

That Sunday morning I managed to sew my first FO in knit fabric. Less hassle than I thought there would be.

Pattern: My own. Measured Mini’s head and drew a pattern on a A4 sheet.

Fabric: Cotton Jersey from Stoff och stil with printed cows.

Thread: polyester

Machine settings: Narrow zigzag, B on my machine. Width 2.5 and length 0.5. 0 pressure and 2 in thread tension.

Notes: If I do this again the shape of the cap needs to be more narrow at the sides and a bit longer. After washing the fabric curled a lot and that was difficult.


Also bought some striped fabric  to make a Dolman shirt.


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