Dissertation defence

Five years of hard work has finally come to an end. On Friday morning it was time for my dissertation defence. I passed and now our home is filled with beautiful flowers.

I also got a wonderfully wrapped present from my lovely friends L & A. Yes, they are knitters :).


Part of the decoration was two cones of Bart & Francis Shantung Yaspee in the SY 713 colourway. I spent quite some time yesterday browsing Ravelry for a suitable project and my fingers are itching to cast on for at least a swatch. But I’m gonna be strong and finish two WIPs first.

Inside was a wool winder. Usually I just put the skein around my neck to not waste time winding a ball by hand. Now I just need to find a swift and bye-bye to the skein necklaces. Thank you L & A!


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