Wedding necklace

I wore three hand made things on our wedding day, the Wedding shrug; the Till minne shawl and this necklace.

Wedding necklace:


Swarovski bicone 4 mm in 501 Ruby and Crystal AB (I think)

size 11 Miyuki delica transparent pink mist AB

size 15 Miyuki pearl white AB

Silver details: Filigree heart toggle clasp, end cones 11 by 8 mm, Flat ring with the text Love three times on each side. All bought at Silvergrejs)

Thread: Nymo D, held double

Wire: Sterling silver 0.6 mm


Notes: I got inspiration for this from the Larks head knot used in the  Bliss necklace by Rebecca Cambell in Creative Jewelry volume 7. The beads are strung on Nymo D, held double, and which is tied and glued to a silver wire loop hidden in the end cones. Except for the knot around the ring, I just made things up as I strung the beads until it was long enough to hang nicely around my neck.


Sorry for the bad photos. But the light this time of year is terrible.


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