New threads to my stash

When I didn’t have any  knitting mojo I learnt how to tat instead.  I found shuttles and thread at a LYS (Garn& broderi). I started with one shuttle and one ball of DMC #10, but soon went back for some more thread and another shuttle. There are plenty of instructions online and I learnt how to tat with shuttles rather quickly. This is the third thing/motif I made.

There is another way of tatting as well, with a needle. The motion of doing the double knots is quicker when needle tatting. Finally a few weeks ago I ordered some Lizbeth thread and needles from Handy hands. I also ordered Learn Needle Tatting step-by-step by Barbara Foster. Although the instructions are nice, there’s the same and more online for free.

I made this necklace from Totusmels instructable with a size 5 needle and size 10 thread.

However, I like the look of the knots better when using #7 needle with size 10 thread.

The problem with this is that it is difficult to thread #7 needle with this size thread. The needle threader got destroyed when I tried pulling the thread through. So I decided to order some size 20 thread instead since I wanted to try to add beads to my tatting. Adding beads is one thing that is supposed to be easier with needle tatting. I tried finding a store in Europe that carries Lizbeth thread with a good selection of colours I like. So I ordered some size 20 and 40 from Roseground in the UK. I also bought a picot gauge, because it’s difficult to have the picots the same size.


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