One long absence, many reasons

A tough year so far, with very little knitting mojo. And even less energy to blog. At the end of April I was so tired I was forced to go to the doctor. Too much stress at work had finally wreaked so much havoc with my body I could no longer function properly. Since I was on a deadline a part-time sick leave made it possible for me to get better and finish the paper in time for the Sydney conference. This meant I only worked and slept for most of May and June before we finally left the warmth of Swedish summer for the winter of Sydney.

I gave my talk and had a good time with my colleagues.  We took a stroll along the beach and saw the famous Bondi beach.

Had some delicious food. That’s kangaroo in the photo below.

And of course, did what all tourists do. Took some photos of the Opera house.


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