SiV 2010

Last weekend it was finally time for the knit-fest, SiV 2010. It was as amazing as all the other times. The feel of the place is absolutely vibrant and everyone is kind and so happy to be there. So first of all thank you Linda, Ingrid and Marie for organising this  joyous event.

It officially started with a talk by Kaffe Fasset on Friday evening. After dinner there was the traditional yarn lottery with a lot of prizes. And I won, and picked a big bag of Kauni-lookalike Teksrena. Three balls of each colourway.

Even later on Friday evening the knit quiz began. I was heading to bed but one team was on the small side so I stayed and joined them. Guess what – we won. As for every thing at SiV the prizes are many and often extremely nice due to the many sponsors. First prize in the quiz was a kit with yarn and pattern to crochet some cakes! It was from Nysta. It’s Erica Laurell Organic yarn.

Saturday was nice and relaxing, at least until the Knitbattle started after dinner. 54 contestants and Ingrid the time keeper made her best efforts to disturb the contestants. Obviously it made for great entertainment for the viewers. Especially in the final heat, we were one participant short and hence a chair was empty. So, when people started changing chairs let me tell you it was great fun but made it very difficult to concentrate on knitting let alone knitting fast. Well it was fun and I improved my result from last year when I only managed half a row and ended up last. Lets just say there were some technical difficulties. But once again the winner was a local knitter.

As every year the participants gets a bag of goodies.

And most of Saturday and Sunday we have a couple of yarn stores to shop from. This year I bought a skein of Auracania Ranco solid. Lo and behold, it is green! It’s intended for a small KAL. Me and two friends are knitting Glitten by Julia Mueller.

Two skeins of Jaipur Silk fino (BC yarn) in the most gorgeous colour which isn’t really showing in this photo. It’s brighter and more turquoise.

To match I also bought a small bag to keep my knitting in. It’s made by Anna/Stickfrossa.


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