Last week when I was knitting on the lining of the squirrel sampler mittens I just wanted to be finished already. I wanted to pick up and continue knitting on the geodesic cardigan I started when waiting for the mittens to dry. Well, things don’t always turn out the way you plan. Last Wednesday, the latest issue of  Interweave Knits arrived (spring 2010). And so this is what that led to:

I went out and got me some Rowan summer tweed in a turquoise colour, labeled SH551 lot 27A9. Which look so similar to the colour in the pattern that I almost took it back. It is not the exact same colourway and I like the colour I got, so it stayed. Since it’s on size 5.0 mm needles it is going rather quickly. Am already more than halfway done.

It seems likely I can finish it before the knitfest SiV next weekend. However, I’m not so sure it will look particularly good on me. But this is definitely mostly a process knitting project. I’ve never tried entrelac before and it has a very  interesting construction. So if it looks good on it will be an added bonus.


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