My first pair of finished mittens

Pattern: Squirrel Sampler Mittens by Adrian Bizilia (Ravelry)

Yarn: one of each Drops Alpaca white 0100, brown ? (wrapper was gone) and turquoise 2919

Needles: Knit Pro harmony 2.0 mm circular

Started: 23 January 2010

Finished: 15 March 2010

Modifications: Made the braids with two colours.

Notes: Absolutely lovely pattern. Well written and soooo cute. I had to rip the right mitten two times to get it approximately the same size, but that’s just my own fault for not keeping the same tension. As for the lining, it is boring to knit but it is such a nice addition.  I was worried I would not finish them before it got to warm, but they are not as warm as i thought at least not when it is windy. But I love them.


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