A nice and relaxing bath and then drying in the shade. Sounds nice doesn’t it. Maybe it’s time to go to the spa again soon. So, clearly I did not take a bath, since the bathtub was removed during the remodeling, and now we only have a shower. The basin is, however, large enough for knitted objects. So last night I finally finished the second outer mitten of the Squirrel sampler mittens. Now it is drying by the radiator under the window, but not in direct sun light.

I’ve really struggled to get the second mitten the right size. First it was too big, rip back and start over. Then the  part above the thumb was too small, frog again. But, third times a charm, it worked after blocking they are the same size. I was planning on being efficient, and knitting the lining of the first mitten while the second was drying. But with all this sizing difficulties I decided to wait and knit both linings at the same time.

This week has seen some pretty good weather, clear blue skies and the sun is starting to melt away the snow. Our orchids are in full bloom and are looking quite stunning in the sun.


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