Got the blues

Sorry for my absence. But I’ve got the blues caused by a forced isolation due to not being able to walk. Two weeks ago on Sunday I woke up with a sore foot, the left to be precise. Walking around to and at work on the Monday things got worse. The doctor said it was an inflammation in a tendon. The tendon going to my big toe, so the last part of each step is very painful. Having resting for four days things were better. I could flex my toes and everything. So I went back to work Monday and Tuesday, but on Wednesday morning the foot ached constantly again.

Yes I have crutches, but my wrists get sore and the cold so I’m thinking better safe than sorry. Inflammations are bitches.

When my foot goes back to its normal size I’ll take some better pictures of my finished Olympic knitting. And tell you’ll about it.


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