SYTYCK – Dress rehearsal

The show will premiere next year, but you are all welcome to the dress rehearsal! Still some details to work out but the most important parts are there.

First Act:
Opal uni 1413 and 1414 jazzwalks across the stage to Mr 2.0 mm Harmony wood. They whirl around on stage getting more and more entangled. Al of a sudden a pattern appears before our eyes.

From Knitted

Toe-up socks with a difference by Wendy Johnson.

From Knitted

Second Act:

Enter Opal Uni1418.

From Knitted

Lizard socks by Beate Zäch (ravelry)

The End!

Well almost, the ribbing on top needs to be smaller and there is some embroidery required to finish the lizard.

Then there is the second sock. Maybe I will try the other intarsia in the round technique…

Things I’ve not tried before:

Intarsia – two different techniques in the round.

Knitting backwards – very handy to know.

Thank you Lisa, for all the effort and energy and joy you bring to your fellow knitters!

Merry Christmas!


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