SYTYCK – I give up

It’s just not working. I had a plan, but it’s just not gonna happen the way I wanted. So I give up.

This was the first plan:

From Knitted

Ordering yarn online isn’t always so easy, especially when trying to match colours. The green and pink just didn’t look as fantastic as I wanted. Therefore I tried:

From Knitted

Much better. I really like this combo of purple and pink. But only using two colours didn’t seem like a big enough challenge, and therein lies my current problem. I added a third: green. To do this I used intarsia in the round. There are certainly many different descriptions out there on how to do this. But I liked the one found over at Moth Heaven. It’s got both images and text, which I usually find is necessary.

I’m really struggling to get it looking good, though. It’s very uneven, the swatch was better. Might be evened out by blocking. More tricky perhaps is that I’m not totally sold on the green. It’s just a little bit off. So if I’m gonna be happy with the end product it needs to be only the pink and purple.

I give up. First frogging! Second, only knit with two colours – pink and purple.


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