SYTYCK – Freaked out today

First some good news. I haven’t worked on my Vine yoke cardigan for a while now because I was worried it was too short. Others have had the same concerns but were totally fine. Even so, since it’s a completely different yarn, yesterday I soaked the sleeve part and it stretched out nicely (about 5cm without pulling or pinning). So now I can continue. Yay!

From Knitted

I did decide on a project late last night and even ordered yarn. It was , I think, the first project I had in mind. But today I as I read others blog posts I started questioning my decision. Am I really challenging myself and staying true to the Broadway style? I totally freaked out and sent an email to see if I could change my order. It will therefore be sent a day later and might not arrive until next week.

Although I am a bit hesitant I am not changing project, but as for the colours…Well lets wait for the package to get here. That said I think I will add a little bit more work into colour. I think the only multiple colours/fair isle project with many different colours that I’ve wanted to do is the Ivy league vest. It is stunning but I would like to have different colours and that will be my other challenge: to work out a colour scheme for when I get the time and money to knit this project.

Sorry if I’m rambling. Now I’ll be watching Gray’s anatomy and knit on vine yoke. Yay again! 🙂


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