SYTYCK-Hollywood week

What to choose? There are so many nice patterns out there. But I’ve limited it to head, neck or foot wear and I’m thinking something along the line of:

Bird on a wire hat (Ravelry)

Selbu modern Ravelry link+ accompanying cowl

…hmm so hard. I think I got it one minute and the next I change my mind for the umpteenth time.

As for colour I’ve browsed trough both Color for knitters from summer 08 issue of Interweave knits and a Trinny and Susannah book (they have some nice colour charts). Before, with my previous multiple-colour projects, I’ve chosen the same hue with different saturation or just picked what I have at home. That won’t do here. So how do I pick yarns with different hues that both go well together and that I will use?

To be able to follow all the other contenders I’ve imported the opml file in Netvibes and added a label to show their respective challenge styles.



One thought on “SYTYCK-Hollywood week

  1. Min devis är “ju fler färger desto bättre”. Då är det garanterat några som passar ihop och dessutom “glittrar” det liksom mer då. Minst 10 färger alltså, gärna 30.

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