I just don’t understand how so many knitters can finish shawls so quickly. When I went to France I only had 3 or 4 rows left. Since I got back from France I’ve continued knitting but it’s still not finished. The third to last row, a patterned row, took 1.5 hours to complete. Now on the last row (there’s no cast off row) I’ve only managed to knit about a third. It is very scary because the edging looks a bit too big. Hopefully blocking it will make everything alright.

From Knitted

It was the first time I knitted on a plane. Just fabulous. Broderie is coming along nicely, and it actually fits this time. I’ve started knitting the bottom part after I took this photo.

From Knitted

Now I’m heading up to M’s family’s sommer house to celebrate Midsummer. It is a big event with a very large portion of his relatives. Hopefully the weather won’t suck and that I can knit on Broderie.


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