Process or Product

My absence from the blog is not due to non-existent knitting. It is because I feel guilty almost ashamed. Why? Quite unnecessary, but I know I’m not the only one dreading the increasing amounts of WIPs (or UFOs if you will). Add a severe case of startitis and the burden is increased even more.

The Finish or frog knit-along may be one route to follow. However, I feel it is not for me, at least not at the moment. Maybe I’m more of a process knitter. Not that I do not care about the product. It is a feeling of great joy when an FO turns out nice. But perhaps with all the stress during the last couple of months I need knitting to relax. There should not be any elements of must and must-not to my knitting. But to have a piece of mind and to not feel guilty about my knitting, I’ve decided to just say no to the guilt. From now on I will share with you what I’m working on and all the projects I started last year and not shown. But I shall try not to buy yarn, except for things for my niece and soon to be nephew.

No more guilt, only joyful knitting!


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