My current WIP

Sometime during spring last year I started knitting on Drops 105, 34 in muskat in colour 74 (petrol). As often is the case I was a bit delusional when starting, thinking it would be done in a jiffy. As if. But that is not why I did not finish it. This is why (sorry about the bad photo).

From Knitted

I don’t remember what size I chose to knit but it was definitely too big.

From Knitted

Before frogging it I will check it to see what size because I still like the design and might knit it someday. But this  particular yarn is now being knit up as a cardigan. Hopefully I have enough. It should at least be enough for a cardigan with shorter sleeves and i do like 3/4-length.

From Knitted

This is Broderie by Connie Chang Chinchio from the winter issue of Twist Collective. It was love at first sight. I started it last week (on the 12th). The gauge is a little bit off and I’m combining two sizes to fit my body better. It’s a great knit. Nice pattern. The only problem is that there is a few knots in the yarn and that my  3.5 mm knit picks options needle tip is broken. The thread is worn out. Luckily I had a spare lace needle which hopefully won’t change my gauge too much.


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