First FO of 2009

It’s been difficult to muster the energy to knit on any of my multiple WIPs. However our floor has been very cold and I had a skein of Fabel sock yarn in my stash. Hence this years first finished object is a pair of socks, albeit very short socks.

Pattern: Super Simple Short Sock by Meghann Holcomb

Yarn: Garnstudio Fabel, 1 skein

Needles: 2.0mm Knit picks harmony wood options

Notes: A nice pattern. The socks fits quite nicely. Although I did not check row gauge so the first sock is a tad on the short side, lengthwise that is. As with the jaywalker sock I knitted, I’m not to keen on the grafted toe on top-down-socks. Albeit I have only knit toe-ups once and that was in a heavy-weight yarn. But the next sock I’ll knit will be a toe-up with a sock-weight yarn.


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