There will be ripping

It was time for me to wake up and smell the coffee. The Fiddlehead mitten is too big for my hands. At first I just assumed it would be alright, because lining will be added. But come on there’s only so much a thin fabric can do.

I did do a swatch and I tried to spin accordingly but it is very difficult. So, I’ve spun some more and thinner, and I’ve started on the second mitten. This one is slightly smaller, and so far it matches the numbers in the pattern. However, it would be a shame if I couldn’t use the yarn I made for the first mitten. I’m gonna try and knit it again on smaller needles. Hopefully the fabric won’t feel like armour. Ripping will commence shortly.


One thought on “There will be ripping

  1. Åh, hoppas att du får garn och mösnter att passa ihop, för vanten ser underbar ut. Hur fäster man ett tyg foder i en stickad vante? Sy man för hand fast tyget vid “handleds-delen” av vanten?

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