FO: the adapted two-tone shrug

I finished the two-tone shrug earlier this week, and it’s already been used. It’s quite warm even though it is small.

The adapted two-tone shrug

Patterns: Two-tone ribbed shrug by Stefanie Japel and Drops 86-36

Yarn: Drops alpaca dark gray and black, about 3 gray and 2 black

Needles: 4 and 6 mm knit picks option harmony wood needles

The gauge was spot on for the two-toned, so it’s made almost to specification. Length was added to the sleeves and the ribbing was made with two strands held together on the larger needles, as specified for the Drops pattern.

Wearing this garment, I’ve realised my skin is rather sensitive. The alpaca is slightly itchy. However, I can still wear it next to my skin, but the sensation of it and the itching never completely leaves my mind while wearing it. It’s a shame, because it’s a very lovely yarn.


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