High intake of Fibres

is good for your health.

I got the fibres from Spinspiration’s club last week. It’s gorgeous colours, and yet again a fibre I’ve never tried before. The colourway is harmony and it is 100g mohair. I haven’t got a clue what to make of it. 100g could be suitable for a shawl. But should it be plied with something else? Many (all?) commercial mohair yarns aren’t pure mohair. I read somewhere (Ravelry forum I think) that you could ply it with a silk thread. Sounds nice.

The skein also shown in the picture is BC garn linen. For a shawl to make someday….

I bought a cardigan last week as well. That in itself is not very blog-worthy, but as soon as I touched the fabric in the store I fell in love. It was super soft, and I immediately checked the label. It was a cotton-cashmere blend. Amazing that only 10% cashmere can make such a difference. Brilliant because I can afford to wear cashmere. Only 10% but still. So I think I will try this. Next time I get some extra money I’ll order some cashmere and cotton from world of wools.


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