Productive vacation

We’re back home after our vacation. It’s been very relaxing and due to some not so great weather the first week I’ve had quite a lot of time for knitting (and spinning). This is the view from where I’ve been sitting and knitting. Great isn’t it.

There are a few things I will post about but I really can’t wait so I’ll start with the best one. I got the idea for this when I remembered I’ve seen a pattern named Muir when planning our trip to San Francisco. I started the project before going with a vain idea I’d finish it before we went there…Uh that didn’t happen but we did go to see the redwoods in Muir woods national park and now I’ve finished the shawl.

Triangular Muir

Pattern: The leaf pattern is Muir from Knitty. I made a trianlge and composed a border.

Yarn: Lucca fino multicolor

Needles: 5mm Harmony woods options

Size: About 180cm wide at the top

Comments: It was too big to fit on the hopscotch puzzle so I had to block it doubled. Not the ultimate solution. So  I will most likely buy another set of the puzzle in the future. I’m very happy with the border. It took several swatches and some trials with Excel (with the aid of Marnie’s tutorials) to finally get it right.

Muir border swatches


One thought on “Productive vacation

  1. Muir is absolutely beautiful. I would love to see you write down your modifications. Sometimes a triangle shows the pattern better than the rectangle and I think this is the case. Beautiful work, beautiful color, lovely shawl 😀

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