Silk hankie

I was too curious to keep my hands off the silk I got earlier this week. So I drafted and spun one very thin square of silk. The drafting seems to be everything when spinning silk hankies. There were some thicker spots that I tried to correct while spinning which was quite difficult. Not at all like spinning wool (at least not the ones I’ve tried). But it’s so easy. Just draft to desired thickness and add twist with the spindle. Here’s a Knitty article on how to spin silk hankies.

This single square of silk made a 3.5 m thick and thin single strand. I’ve knit a small sample. Now I just have to decide what I want too make with the silk. Then decide to either dye before spinning, spin and dye the yarn, dye the knitted thingy or keep it white… many choices.

The needle seen in the picture is a 3.5 mm Harmony wood options. I got myself a kit a few weeks ago. They are very lovely but the join between the wood and metal could be a little more smoother. The stitches get caught here probably because I knit rather tight. Still very nice needles.


2 thoughts on “Silk hankie

  1. Det ser jättefint ut! Jag tycker att silk hankies är jättesvåra att dra ut. Kanske tar jag inte i tillräckligt mycket. Har du provat spinna silke från tops band? Mycket lättare, kanske lite väl mycket lättare. Jag vet att vissa tycker att det nästan glider ur händerna.

  2. Det här är första gången jag testar ren silke. Har bara spunnit blandat med merino förut. Jag börjar mad silkesrutor eftersom jag hört att det ska vara lättare just för att de inte glider en ur händerna.

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