800g of Fibre

Two packages were waiting for me when I came home from work yesterday.

Two parcels

The white envelope contained July’s fibre from Spinspiration. This month’s feeling was envious. It’s 100g of grey Jacob wool. This time I’m not entirely certain what to make, so I will wait and see what others create.

Spinspiration July

In the second parcel were, believe it or not, my order from World of wool. I placed the order on Friday just before noon and it arrived Monday. Great service or what! The price is very reasonable as well only £27.50 for 700g of fibre including shipping.

World of wool

Contents (from top left to bottom right):

-100g of 50/50 brown alpaca/bleached tussah silk

-100g of silk hankies

-2 times 100g of 70/30 white Blue Faced Leicester/bleached tussah

-3 times 100g of merino Colors: turquoise, spearmint and chocolate

I’ve of course opened the zip locks to pet the fibres and they are utterly gorgeous. So soft and shiny.  All but the silk hankies are procured in order to make the Fiddlehead mittens by Adrian Bizilla. The silk hankies simply had to be mine and it is something I’ve been wanting to try for awhile now. Think I will buy some silk dye at Panduro.

Fiddlehaed fibres


One thought on “800g of Fibre

  1. Vilka kanonpaket. Vika härliga fibrer. Och underbara färger.

    Det ska bli spännande att se hur alla spinner sina Spinpirationsfibrer. Jag spinner nästan alltid 1-trådigt och ska nog försöka variera mig.

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