Multiple necklaces

There’s not been much bloggable progress on the WIPs. That said it does not mean I haven’t been knitting so in due time there will be actual knitting in the posts again. Until then … some more jewelry.

Like last time I’ve used kits from Panduro. Really neat if you don’t want to increase the amount of beads already packed to the brim in a rather large box.

A blue linen necklace gifted to a friend. Luckily I picked the right color. These types of necklaces are great because they are so versatile. The pictures show two ways to wear it. I will do some for myself in another color soon I think.

A turquoise/green necklace for me. I like these types of necklaces, with the clasp in the front.

The necklaces are modeled by my new helper, miss Jay. I inherited her after my grandmother. My grandmother was a very creative person. She was a great seamstress and painter but did all sorts of other crafts as well, e.g knitting.


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