Home sweet home!

Five Fridays in a row abroad! It was great both in California and in France but it sure is nice being home again. There’s not much to show on the knitting front. I have been knitting but since I’ve had startitis there’s been knitting on too many fronts to have any progress to show. So, I’ve decided to try and only knit on things I’ve already started. Shouldn’t be a problem….there’s plenty to choose from.

Alongside the startitis I’ve also been very materialistic as of late. Seen in the picture below is my new spindle. It’s a Kundert spindle bought from Spinspiration, together with some wool (don’t remember what it is …). I’ve also joined the fiber club for June to August. Can’t wait to get the fibers!

Tomorrow is my grandmother’s 80th birthday. I made her a necklace. It’s Manganum from Panduro. I also bought an embossing ink pad and some stamps with flowers to make a card. The card is made with chalks on the motif stamped with the embossing ink.


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