I went for a walk in my living room

Only 600 meters or so but still a walk. Back and forth, back and forth. Between two chairs set up in opposite ends of the room. I needed a skein of about 9 meters in circumference to make self striping yarn out of the yarn I bought yesterday afternoon. The yarn was bought purely for this purpose. Dyeing that is. Never thought I’d be dyeing, but here I am.

The yarn is Järbo Gästrike 2 plied, bought at my closest LYS. I bought two 100 grams skeins of about 300 meters each. I made both of them into long skeins and tied them at three meter intervals. Only one of them got dyed today. I wanted to see how it turned out first.

Tied undyed

The yarn was soaked in water for about 15-20 minutes. In the meantime I prepared the first colour – red or pink rather pink. Citric acid and water with about 10 drops of food dye (Ekströms karamellfärg). I went for the zapping technique I’ve read about on many blogs using 3 times 2 minutes on high with about 2 minutes rest in between.

Zapping pink

Rinse and repeat! Next came blue/turquoise (from Panduro hobby) and last but not least a mix of green and yellow dyes to get a lighter green.

Zapping green

After two zaps in the microwave for the green I left it standing for about an hour because dinner was ready (Thank you sweetheart!). But this last technique seemed to be the best one. The water was completely clear.

After rinsing the skein was hung up to dry! And I can’t wait to knit with it to see how it turned out.


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