Warm hands

It’s very cold both at work and here at home and my hands are often very cold. So, despite the fact that I have several UFOs covering parts of our sofa I decided to knit me some Endpaper mitts, by Eunny Jang. And hey I didn’t even have to buy new yarn.

Endpaper mitts:

Enpaper mitts

Yarn: Sandnes Lanett, one each of purple and white. Leftovers from the Baby surprice jacket.

Needles: A set of 5 double pointed metal 2.5 mm needles.

Modifications: Only two repeats of chart A at the bottom and only one row of chart A at the top.

Notes: First time I’ve tried stranded colour work and any form of tubular cast on/off. I had the white strand over my middle finger and the purple over my index finger.

Verdict: I am happy with the length and the fit. The colour work is not perfect but definitely good enough. They will do a nice job keeping my hands warm while knitting and at work.


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