Notes on the Hemlock Ring Cardigan

There’s been some people asking how I made this one. So I will try to give a basic description on how to make it but without any precise sizing instructions.
Yarn: Pick any you like. I used 1 strand of cotton and 1 strand of cotton-viscose.

Needles and gauge: Choose the needles that makes the pattern and yarn look good. I used 7.0 mm with a gauge around 12 stitches / 20 rows per 10 cm.

Knitting: Knit according to pattern until it’s large enough to reach from underarm to underarm. Decide how many stitches you need for the arms and where to place them. I placed the arms centered over two of the eight “leafs”. See the image below in turquoise.

Arm placement

Then knit in pattern until first arm. Take a piece of scrap yarn with similar thickness and knit across the desired number of arm stitches. Place scrap yarn stitches back on left needle and continue knitting in pattern. Repeat for the other arm and continue in pattern til end of round.
Next row: Take note on where in the pattern you are (e.g. just ended row 45 and next row is 46). This row should for simplicity be an all knit row. Updated: The row where you add the scrap yarn should be an all knit row.

Continue knitting until desired size. This is easier to do if you open up the holes for the arms first.


Arms: Pick up the stitches on both sides of the scrap yarn plus at least one on each side. On the side closest to the center continue knitting in pattern for a few rows (at least until the entire “leaf” is complete ) and on the other side begin feather and fan pattern. Depending on the number of stitches you have on the needles choose how to make the feather and fan pattern. Mine is a 6 yarn over pattern with accompanying decreases made twice, once each side.

Hope this helps! Any questions, just give me a holler.

Have a nice weekend!


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