The slowest knitter ever

I must be the slowest knitter ever. There’s a gazillion rows still left to knit on my Triinu shawl. So if I knit two rows every week (probably more in the begin and less in the end) I might finish some time next year. Maybe sooner if I can get enough knitting time during the vacation as I did last year.

But, fortunatley for me I have no deadlines. The only thing I have knit that’s not for me was this baby surprice jacket for my soon to be niece. It was gifted last month.

It’s knit in Sandness Lanett on 3.5 mm needles. A quick knit, but I must try to remember not to knit striped things. I really don’t like to weave in the ends. This was my first ever Elisabeth Zimmerman pattern. As you knit it is great to see the fun shape growing between the needles. And it actually ends up as a baby jacket. Magic!


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