I belong to the category of people who start new projects before the others are finished. What I’m working on right now (I mean the projects that I actually knit on regularly) are three different projects.

First, the Hemlock Ring Cardigan.

Inspired by Jared Flood’s (Brooklyntweed) Hemlock Ring Blanket based on the Hemlock Ring Doily I knew right away I wanted to make this cardigan. A fun knit, but each row end the end took soo much time….

Second, a brioche stitch sweater. Pattern name Puck.

Puck neck

The yarn is called Visjö from Västergörlands ullspinneri in Sweden. The blue yarn is variegated. I fell in love with the pattern when I visited a yarn shop in Stockholm this summer. It was lying there on the table calling my name….Of course I had to buy yarn and pattern to make one for myself. The reason for not starting until last month is that the original pattern isn’t knit in the round. Before starting I had to come up with nice looking ways of doing increases and deacreases. I finally managed to do so at the Stickfest i Väst (a very nice knitting gathering outside Gothenburg in October).

Third but not least, I’m also working on a lace shawl by Triinu Andreassen.

I went to a lace workshop with Triinu at Stickfest in October. She makes the most wonderful shawls and it was so much fun to knit lace on small needles. So I had to buy one of her patterns (called Till minne). Besides, I already had the yarn for it waiting in my stash. The yarn is baby alpaca in black from Marias Garn in Stockholm. Who cares if I had to buy two sets of circular needles in order to find the right one. I eventually setteled on 2.5 mm addi lace needles. I have just started but this needle is really great.

Triinu's Till minne


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